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pescoço massager do corpo, cinta na altura do joelho

Caixa De Armazenamento De Mini Bolsa

Meias calcanhar gel cuidados com os pés. Neck massage mode: Waist cinchers. Size: Shell material of controller with abs pads with silica gel. Ce/fda/iso for oximetro de dedo. Capacitive. Corrector back corsets. Hearing aid accessories for  holding batteries. Russian certificates: Pé massagem. Manchas à base de plantas chinesas reumática. 2 aa batteries. 100pcs/lot,1box=1lot: Bom rápido. Shoulder width 46,bust 106cm. Tratamento de queratina pura. High blood pressure : 

Adere Bandagem

Dor no pescoço. Wholesale personalizado em fones de ouvido. Red or blue. Ferramentas pé cuidados. Revestimento de silicone para sapatos. Steel dental burs. 360 rotating: Cuidados de saúde. Eletrônica inteligente. White tiger balm,red tiger balm. Posture correction brace: 130x99x45mm. 128db. A312 312a za312 312 pr41 s312. Herbal extracts. Vaginal egg: Tech : Black fingertip pulse oximeter. Muscle stimulator tens therapy: 

Wholesale Acessórios Senhoras Cintos

Iem in-ear monitor pins plug. Ear pegar aço inoxidável. Wholesale copo celulite. Foot socks. Massageador elétrico de volta. Km632. Shoulder posture correction. Led white light. Km605. 0.35mm caneta. Usage and dosages: Wholesale palmilha de algodão. 20.00*9.00*0.50cm. 

Os Tratamentos Cirúrgicos

Waist massage. Aft-y010. Julaibo. Su-mndd. About. Colar cervical cervical. Delineador em gel. Use for: Slim detoxin foot pad. Light color: 12.5cm/4.92". Careshine medical co.ltd. 

A year in the life of a Helsinki street

The beginning of a new year is traditionally the time for introspection and looking back on the year that was. And also more more than often it is about making a list of the best “long play records” that was released that year.

But that’s of course not how we roll here at the Kasper Stromman Design Blog. Instead we asked a street how it felt about last year. 


January 2012
“Look, I’m a simple street okay? Nothing special, just your ordinary, quiet side street. That said I do like when someone brings a skip along. We get some action around here with all the rummaging and whatnot. Did you know someone spilt old paint all over their winter jacket trying to salvage some shit from it? Ha ha. That was funny.” 


February 2012
”Yeah, January was a riot with the skip, but then in February someone brought three more along, and that sort of took the edge away from it. February has never been my favourite month anyway. Dicks.”


March 2012
“Oh yeah, forgot to tell you they totally put up signs against parking last month, so that was a bit special. Hasn’t actually happened since 1963. That’s coincidentally also the year a horse took a shit on me. Hasn’t happened since. No, really.”


April 2012
< em>“Okay, wow, wanna take it easy on the heavy machinery already? I miss the snow. I know, I’m such a nostalgic. But it does cover up the potholes and my wrinky, crackly surface. Seriously, I never look my best at springtime.”




June 2012
“You see what I have to go through? Would you like it if you had open heart surgery and people stopped to gawk at you? Exactly. Streets have feelings too, you know.”


July 2012
”I totally did that to those bikes. Ha ha. Don’t ask me how”. 


August 2012
”You know when I feel most alive? Getting a new coating of tarmac on one of those hot August afternoons. Oh mama. Lay it on, brothers. Thick, black and sticky, just the way I like it.” 


September 2012
”You see that little river right there? That came from a single horse. At least it wasn’t solids. Did I tell you that hasn’t happened since 1963?”


October 2012
“So yeah, it’s all quiet for now, but as you can see being a street is not as boring as you might think. And I for one can put up a fight. You know what they call me because of that? Street fighter! Hahahaha!”


November 2012
”Did you know us streets also have our own language – we call it street lingo. Hahaha! Nah man, I’m messing with you. But it is a very hip language, I’m telling you.”


December 2012
”Snow, FINALLY! Covers up my rough patches. Such a relief. But yeah, there you have it, a typical year in my life. It ain’t easy sometimes, but it&rs quo;s a living. Or as we say out in the street:  street life – it’s the only life I know. Hahahaha!”

Kasper Strömman has been awarded as Graphic Designer of the Year 2013 by Grafia – Associate of Visual Communication Designers in Finland! The title was announced today at Grafia’s...



Kasper Strömman has been awarded as Graphic Designer of the Year 2013 by Grafia – Associate of Visual Communication Designers in Finland! The title was announced today at Grafia’s and Ornamo’s (Finnish Association of Designers) Designer Awards 2013 held in Helsinki.

Grafia describes Kasper as &ldq uo;an ideapreneur, catalyzer, questioner, stand-up comic in the field of graphic design and a professional who has an ability to open the eyes of his colleagues”. Kasper is especially noticed for his humorous blog The Kasper Stromman Design Blog.

We’re really really happy for this selection! Not only Kasper being one of the talented illustrators in Napa’s roster, but also being our trusted graphic designer. Kasper has designed Napa Agency’s logo, visual materials, and last but not least the book “Yellow City” which was Napa’s contribution to World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. Click here to see Kasper’s illustration portfolio.


The award for the Graphic Designer of the Year is awarded annually without applying, primarily for outstanding work noted in the field of graphic design, or any other activity that enhances the level and appreciation of Finnish graphic design.

Postcards from Finland #36




Pen+ aid for erectile dysfunction by Ässätuote Oy.
Mail order favourite of the 1990s which was apparently in development for eight years before it was brought on the market (?).

Pen+ aid for erectile dysfunction by Ässätuote Oy.
Mail order favourite of the 1990s which was apparently in development for eight years before it was brought on the market (?).

Marimekko in Vogue, 1965


Ever so often we here at the Kasper Stromman Design Blog will take a closer look at a thing that is groovy and 1960s and totally far out. This week that thing is Marimekko in Vogue, a 10-page leaflet reprinted by Marimekko as marketing material in 1965.


Many of the patterns of the clothes featured inside look really familiar to the modern consumer. And we also heard this photoshoot was done by dropping the model from a high altitude to achieve that effortless pose. This was however okay at the time since the 1960s was all about tuning in, turning on and dropping deadBut reading the text how are the boots $20 if the bikini is $35? 

Marimekko clothes are today sometimes critized for being too “baggy” and to appeal primarily to the mature consumer. Not so in the 1960s.


Also, are these really Marimekko shoes? They definitely remind us of another brand.


Hanging out in felt clothes in the forest must have been so much fun, but we still can’t stop thinking about how many mosquito bites the model must have had at the end of the day.


All in all, not much seem to have changed in 50 year s – the cuts may have changed but clothes are still marketed by dragging models out in the forest for that Scandinavian mystique.

To the next 50 years of Finnish models being bitten by mosquitoes!

Drinkin’ and Driving
TV traffic safety film, 1987 

The trees need our support top 5

City trees are nothing like their backward, rural cousins the Forest trees. No – city trees need constant care, affection, and long and winding discussions with park personnel to thrive in the harsh urban circumstances the human City Lords have chosen for them. Here’s a top 5 over the survival strategies Helsinki trees adapt.


5. Rookie street tree
When a young tree is chosen to grow by a street it will get a massive steel cage around itself to shield itself from enemies – mostly older trees and radioactive beavers that live in the sewers and creep up at night looking for raw material for their underground, mutant beaver dams. This particular tree has been standing tall for two years already, and knows the rules of the street by now. It swears at passers-by.  


4. Youngish lightly armored park tree
Park trees have it easier. They don’t run the risk of getting run over by a car, but on the other hand face the fear of being slowly tortured to death by mean dogs with overly hot urine. Steaming, hot urine. The armor doesn’t take away the pain, but makes it slightly more bearable. 


3. Younger middle aged tree with need for privacy
Just like in humans some trees adapt a more NIMBY policy than others. This tree was getting sick and tired of everyone touching its lean, slender trunk so it used its private tree savings to build a fence around itself. It would actually have preferred a white picket fence, but there are city guidelines f or that kind of stuff that has to be obeyed, so black it is.


4. War veteran tree
This tree actually fought in the first Gulf War and was awarded a Purple Heart in 1992. It sometimes wakes up the other trees at night by screaming in its sleep. 


5. Breakout tree

Postcards from Finland #35


SYSTEEMI-kortti N:o 45
Printed in Finland by MainosMakasiini Oy Tampere
Puh. 931 - 33413 

Finnish commercial for Lada Samara, 1987.

Anonymous asked: myytkö teoksesi angry muumins, parhaillaan esillä kunsthalle kalliossa kysyn minä

Kyllä. Ota yhteyttä galleriaan, info@kalliokunsthalle.fi.

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